A Tour of Ringvassøya by Car

Ringvassoya_001Today was a beautiful day to get outside and do some exploring.  Jack, my roommate Kari and I set out driving North to Ringvassøya.  Ringvassøya is a large island just North of Kvaløya that is home to many very large mountains and some beautiful alpine lakes.  We started by driving as far North as we could.  The road ended at Ringvassoya_003Grunnfjorden which was a very exposed fjord where the wind was blowing.  We found a sheltered place behind some trees to sit and eat lunch.  But it was too cold to really spend much time out exploring.  ItRingvassoya_010 was interesting because we thought it was pretty cold there, it was much colder when we stopped at Storneset which was the tip of the Karlsøy peninsula there.  It had been very calm on our drive to Grunnfjorden, but by the time we were driving back there were some serious white caps forming.  The wind from the North was very cold!

Ringvassoya_014Since we couldn’t spend much time outside because it was so cold, we decided to keep driving around the island and explore some more.  We drove all the way out to Mikkelvik.  There was a nice beach, were we stopped an walked around until we were cold again. Ringvassoya_015 Just up the hill from this beach we enjoyed some views of Dyrsfjorden.  It is amazing how far out you’ll find people living.  We often ponder what these people do.  Most probably farm either livestock or hay for such livestock or fish.

On the way back we stopped and looked across the large frozen lake, Skogsfjordvatnet.  Ringvassoya_016The name suggests that it is a fjord, and I’m not sure if the water was salt water or fresh water, but it was definitely frozen.  It’s still pretty early in the year and there was a lot of snow on the mountains.  We also took a quick trip through Dåfjord, aRingvassoya_020nd drove out on the west coast of that fjord.  We saw a waterfall, a lighthouse out on some very small islands and a lovely lake where there are some nearby hiking trails.  I think we’ll have to explore more of Ringvassøya in the summer months 🙂

Here are some more pictures from our drive.

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