The Tapestry House Wedding

20150517_TapestryHouse_001-compressorSarah and Colby are such a wonderful couple!  I was so thrilled that we was able to make it back to CO to see them tie the knot.  The wedding was at the Tapestry House in Laporte.  Jesse and I have been there before for a work Christmas party, but we didn’t realize how beautiful it was in the summer.20150517_TapestryHouse_053-compressor  Lining all of the paths around the gardens and the house are bricks with the names of couples that have been married at this venue.  I was excited to see Sarah & Colby’s brick to be added to the collection.

As I understand, it had been a very wet spring and raining leading up to the wedding, but it didn’t rain during the wedding and it was a beautiful day overall.

20150517_TapestryHouse_024-compressorHank and Dakota did great during the wedding!  And they were all dressed up for the occasion.  After the ceremony there were lawn games, cornhole and giant Jenga that Jesse, Ed and I had piled very high, but had to leave the game incomplete so we could welcome the bride and groom for thei20150517_TapestryHouse_056-compressorr grand entrance.  There were many wonderful toasts to the happy couple!  Desserts were from the Chocolate Cafe, and they were delicious!  Afterwards we had fun playing with props in the photo booth and dancing the night away.  Again we were so glad to celebrate with good friends!  It’s sad to think how few of us are still in Fort Collins.  But I’m sure we’ll keep finding reasons to travel back and remember the good times we had there 🙂

Here are a few more shots that I took from the beautiful wedding

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