Radio Tower Hike

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.58.34Today I was invited to join a group going for a short hike on Kvaløya.  Sören, Katrina, and Julia picked me up at my house and we drove about 30 km South to the trailhead in Kvitberg (69.562766, 18.600706).  The trail is a dirt road up a hill from the seashore to a radio tower.  There are many of these radio towers in this area of Norway.  I have seen them before North of Kroken as well as other places along the route of the Hurtigruten in October.  TDSC_0071he road would make this a perfect mountain biking trip.  But it is still a little early in the year for that since almost half of the hike was under snow.  Because the snow was much softer on the road than it was on the hillside, we decided to cut some corners and hike up the snow fields.  The snow was soft enough to step into, but not so soft that we were postholing.  I was still thankful that I had packed my gaiters.

After only a short DSC_0078time hiking, we already had beautiful views of the channel between Kvaløya, the mainland, and the small island of Ryøya. Ryøya, I learned, is currently for sale.  So if you’re looking for a private island to buy, you may want to check it out.  That being said, I cannot imagine how much it would cost as NorwegianDSC_0090 real-estate (especially in the Tromsø area) seems incredibly expensive.  I can only hope the people that buy it don’t develop it too heavily.  Norway is so beautiful for the small farms and rural areas that skirt the coastline surrounded by majestic mountains.

DSC_0098After our short snack break, we continued up to the radio tower on Kvitbergfjellet.  With some shenanigans along the way, I tried to stay out of the snowball flight, claiming I couldn’t possibly be a target when holding the camera, but they didn’t buy it 😉

DSC_0112We continued further up the snowfield to the radio tower.  The radio tower had exposed ladders and could have been climbed… I wasn’t so brave.  Even with out the additional height the views were great.  Especially to the South looking at Senja.  We could see the Hurtigruten coming through the channel on its way to Tromsø.

On a nice day you can continue the hike up the ridge to the larger nearby mountain of Gråtinden, from which you would be able to see much more of Senja and probably the nearby islands of Sommarøy and Hillesøya.  I might have to revisit this trail in the future!

DSC_0136On the way down Julia had brought some plastic bags, so the girls did some sledding down the slow fields.  The top of the hill was too shallow, but the lower snow fields worked well and, in some cases, were almost a little too fast.

We made it back to the car and were surprised how long it seemed to take to get down.  The way up had seemed short, but the trip was about 4.3 miles roundtrip (a little shorter today since we had cut some corners).

We stopped on the way back home to have some dessert and coffee at a very cute cafe at Hella with a great view.  This cafe is run by a couple from France and while the pastries looked amazing, I was too tempted by the blueberry cheese cake, which was delicious 🙂  There were also many families enjoy Hella in their own way, many were fishing while  others were barbecuing or picnicking.

I think I’ll have to get a fishing pole soon.  In Norway you do not need a fishing license to fish in the sea.  However, if you want to do some fly fishing in the rivers you will need a permit for that.

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

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