A Rainy Day on Trehorningen

Trehorningen2_2015_005Today Jack and I took Jesse on a short lovely hike near Skulsfjord on Kvaløya.  Sören, Jack and I had gone to the top of this hill before, but didn’t quite manage to stay on the trail no the way up.  Today it was much easier to start up on the trail  The trail was very wet and muddy, but probably much more manageable than the hillside.

Trehorningen2_2015_001Only a few minutes into our hike we could see a rain cloud coming our direction.  So we quickly headed up to try to beat the rain.  Thankfully we had packed the raincoats and I even brought a plastic bag for the camera.  I had to take it out a few times to catch a nice rainbow on film and of course the views on the top.  The sun was poking out of the clouds when we were at the top which just lit up Skulsjord.

Trehorningen2_2015_006We didn’t spend very long at the top today since we could see more rain coming over the top of Kjølen to the south.  It’s nice to get out for a little bit even on a rainy day.  It’s funny too because Jesse and I having lived in CO for the last 6-7 years learned to be very cautious of the weather when we were hiking.  But here at sea-level lightning isn’t a big threat and big thunderstorms are incredibly rare.  We’ll have to remember more about our times in VT hiking in the rain and fog.  But hopefully there are some blue skies ahead of us 🙂

Photo Gallery:

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