Hillesøya in Summer

Hillesoya2_2015_001Back in June on a cloudy and drizzly day, Julia took me to Sommarøy and we had a wonderful short hike on Hillesøya.  I’ve been planning on taking Jesse on this short but very special hike, and today we finally made it there.  After a hike on the nearby Sørvikaksla, we drove to Hillesøya and hiked this spectacular loop.  The beginning was as steep as I remembered.  The trail was less muddy though, which made hiking a bit easier.  Hillesoya2_2015_003The views from the top of Hillesøya were cool and calm to the north, vast and expansive to the west, lush and tropical to the south and vibrant and lively to the east.  In case you couldn’t tell Hillesøya is one of my favorite short hikes so far 🙂

In several spots along the top ridge Jesse and I found a couple cloudberries, most of them did not pass the squeeze test (were not soft and fluffy – like a cloud), we did share one just to see if it was any better than the one we had before.. it wasn’t much better.  Norwegians seem to value cloudberries as a rarity but don’t often eat them by themselves.  There are great for jams and as in ingredient in many desserts.

Hillesoya2_2015_010Just a bit further down the ridge we noticed 2 kayakers below us.  As they were sitting there, floating in their bright red boats, we noticed their shadows on the sandy bottom below.  I took a lot of pictures of them in the water and when they docked on the beach.  We were discussing how nice it would be for them to have the photos we took and talked about sending a paper airplane down with our email address… maybe next time I’ll have some business cards with parachutes ready!

Hillesoya2_2015_013Further down we stopped at a nice beach.  It looked like soft white sand from a distance, but was really harsh coral and shells.  I took my shoes off for a bit and collected shells, while Jesse and Jack went for a quick dip.  The water was very cold and while there was actual nice sand a little bit out into the water, there were many sea urchins also.  Jesse said the water was quite shallow and you had to be careful to keep your feet up.  I guess there were a lot of reasons to keep the swimming at a minimum.

Hillesoya2_2015_019After our evening hikes, we found a nice spot along the road back to Tromsø to stop and make our dinner while we watched the sun set over the Atlantic.  Not too bad for a work night 🙂

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