Summarøy Views from Sørvikaksla

Sorvikaksla_2015_004Today Jesse, Jack and I headed out after work to spend the beautiful summer evening near Sømmarøy.  I have been meaning to take Jesse on this lovely hike on Hillesøya that Julia and I had done back in June.  But since that is a fairly short hike, we decided to stop for another short hike on the way.  The hike up Sørvikaksla is very short, only 2.5 Km (1.6 miles) round trip, and while there were some steeper sections, it was an easy hike for us.

We parked in a small pull off at the trail head (69.583114, 18.033445).  The first part of the hike was very wet and marshy, but shortly we started really going up.  Sorvikaksla_2015_001At the top of the first hill, you already have some spectacular views, in some ways it’s much nicer than the top of Sørvikaksla, because there is a large sandy beach below you.  From here, the trail continues along the ridge where you drop down slightly and then go up steeply again to the top.

We did not expect the views from top to be so spectacular.  Below Sørvikaksla the coast line is sandy, which made the water a Caribbean blue.  I’ve read that there is a beautiful coastal hike around this mountain and region where the road, Fv54, briefly leaves the coast, we’ll have to try that someday maybe with a tent :).

Sorvikaksla_2015_007To the south we saw Senja, as close as it ever is to Kvaløya.  When you look over towards Sommarøy, you can really see all the small islands in the area, many with their own little sand beach.  Sommarøy would be an incredible place to kayak in the summer and hop from island to island on the tranquil waters.

Sorvikaksla_2015_013Beyond Sommarøy we could see another island, Tussøya, with a small peninsula that has 2 steep rocky mountains, Klubben.  I was told by Julia that these mountains were the inspiration for the architecture of the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø.  Jesse, Jack and I spent a long time on the top of this small hill, and I think if the endless June nights were still here, we would have stayed even longer.  This is one my favorite places on the coast of Norway so far.   If you have to opportunity to go to Sommarøya, especially during the warmer part of the year, I would highly recommend to hike above the islands either on Hillesøya or on this hike up Sørvikaksla, so you can really appreciate what is around you.  The islands of Sommarøy are certainly unique and beautiful!

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