A Leisurely Hike to Laukslettfjellet

Laukslettfjellet_2015_007After our big day hiking up Tromsdalstinden yesterday, Jesse and I looked for a short hike to do today to get outside, but also give our legs a bit of a break.  Laukslettfjellet probably wasn’t the best choice for that.  We left Tromsø and drove south on the mainland along the coast of Ramfjorden.  The trail head (69.567938, 19.137649) had a nice parking area just next to a big whole sale grocery store and distribution center.

Laukslettfjellet_2015_001For the first part of this hike we traversed across the hill side under some power lines.  This part of the hike was grassy and lush and along the trail I found a beautiful Boletus mushroom (Aka. Cep, Porchini,…).  I was maybe 95% positive that it was what I thought, but I never would have guessed that they grow so far north!  But apparently they do, as do chanterelles.  Yummy yummy 🙂

Laukslettfjellet_2015_003The trail took a quick turn and went steeply uphill along a stream.  It wasn’t even very steep by our legs were burning!  The steep section was pretty short and at the top of it we walked through shurb fields with views of the surrounds fjords and Tromsdalstinden looming above us.  We were so thankful that we hiked Tromsdalstinden on a beautiful blue bird day though, because today the top was in the clouds itself.  Today was a cold, windy and rainy day, not bad on a small hill, but would have been much worse on top of the big peaks.

Laukslettfjellet_2015_009We still didn’t spend much time at the top.  But we found a nice place to stop and pick some blueberries and play with Jack.  He’s been loving this summer so far 🙂

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