Sommarøya with Family

Sommaroy_082015_002Since we didn’t spend much time in the Tromsø area when Cindy & Steve visited, we made sure to take them to the beautiful summer islands.  Jesse and I have been to Sommarøya several times this year, and we are always impressed with the beautiful blue waters and small islands dotting the whole area.  On our way to Sommarøy we stopped at Ersfjord since it is a very special view.

Sommaroy_082015_008At Sommarøy, we hiked up the trail towards the top of Hillesøya and stopped along the way to enjoy some cheese and crackers.  There was a farmers marked in the Tromsø city center and we were eventually able to buy some delicious pesto gouda.  But it seems to often be a gamble whether our US credit cards will work.  In most places they work fine especially if the card has a chip (you may want to carry around your own pen for the signatures), but it’s definitely worth having some cash as back up… especially enough for a bus ride!

Sommaroy_082015_012It wasn’t the warmest day out, but warm enough to sit out of the wind and enjoy the blue waters below us.  On our way back down we stopped at a small white beach and were in awe of the number and colors of snail shells especially against the white coral.  It was a little too cool out for Jesse to swim today, so instead we explored a little more.

Sommaroy_082015_028We walked out to another beautiful beach, Sørvika, which was below the small hill Jesse and I hiked earlier this year, Sørvikaksla.  This was another white beach, and as many of them rather than white sand it was mostly small white coral pieces.  There were a couple other families here by the beach picnicking or camping, it was a nice quiet area and as the sun was starting to come out it was a bit warmer.  Sommaroy_082015_026We walked out to the rocky end of the beach hoping to find some tide pools, but there wasn’t much besides seaweed and snails.  But we did also see some jellyfish that we being washed up on shore.  This beach was an excellent place to find small shells and sea urchins.  We have quite a collection going on our mantel now 🙂

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