Our first visitors – Tromsø to Engløya

Tromso-N-Norway_2015_009Jesse and I were very happy for our first opportunity to entertain here in Tromsø!!  Jesse’s parents, my in-laws, Cindy and Steve came to see us from Vermont.  We spent some time exploring here in Tromsø as well as spending a day on Sommarøya.  We drove all around Tromsøya to see the Southern tip, views from the top of Varden, the University and of course the City Center.  In the center, we watched the North-bound Hurtigurten depart, and walked out on the docks.  It was pretty cold out, but having any break from the rain was really appreciated 🙂

Tromso-N-Norway_2015_019After a couple days in Tromsø, we started on a big road trip towards Umeå in Sweden.  We made a few stops along our way exploring new regions of Norway.  Today we drove to a small island, Engløya.  It was a long day in the car.  Jesse and I had already been as far as Narvik, but it’s a very different drive in the summer with much less snow.  It does make it much more clear which of the big snow patches have glaciers underneath.  Tromso-N-Norway_2015_022A nice thing about Norway is that you are rarely far from the water.  There were several big bridges and a necessary ferry-ride.  Being on the coast is beautiful, but certainly not an efficient route to drive.

Tromso-N-Norway_2015_024Towards the end of the day we were all impressed by the an amazing sight.  We were driving a little above the water and watch an eagle flying beside us, just outside the window.  It was swooping down and tried to catch a sea otter than was sitting on a rock.  The sea otter got away.  It was a very close call though.  One of the many sights that is not possible to capture from a car window, especially when it surprises you out of no where!  Little did we know just how many eagles we would be treated to on Engløya.

A few photos:

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