Making the Rounds on Engløya

Engloya_2015_005On the small island of Engløya, we stayed at at AirBNB place, a small farm house near the water.  This house was beautiful both inside and out.  There was antique furniture within the house with beautiful candlesticks and china.  There were nice gardens around house with flowers and visiting birds.  Steve and Jesse cooked fish for us and s’mores on the fire pit.

Engloya_2015_006It was a great home base for exploring the island.  The first day we drove out to Røssøya where we found wild geese grazing on the bright green fields.  We also walked around a small resort, Steigen Sjøhus AS, but there was no one else around.  Engloya_2015_009Summer is ending and many of the tourist areas are closed or have reduced availability and hours.  This spot was very striking with the bright red buildings, small sailboats around and flocks of gulls.  Looking back at the island we could see the steep hills of Steigbergtinden, Vesthørnet and Høystakkan.

Engloya_2015_013Further along the island we drove past some happy sheep and then a large herd of cows that were wandering on the beach.  We stopped by the beach and walked down to the water to look at the views.  We quickly learned that the cows did not approve of Jack being on their beach.  Engloya_2015_017They slowly wandered towards us from a couple different directions, would stop stare at us a little and then walk closer.  It actually made us feel quite uncomfortable, so Jesse took Jack back up towards the car.  When the cows noticed he was retreating then slowly pursued to make sure he wouldn’t come back.  They did try to attack Jack or anything, but when he looked away the cow would get closer, even so close to almost touch him.  It was certainly a unique experience.  I’m glad the cows didn’t care much about us!

Engloya_2015_014In this area around Steigbergtinden, we could see multiple eagles soaring high along the cliffs of the mountains nearby.  it was impressive how many were in this area.  I’ve been told by some that it is very rare to see an eagle in Norway, so we were quite fortunate to find this island with it’s steep mountains perfect for their nesting.

Engloya_2015_019There is a famous beach on Engløya in Bø.  But just before we reached the beach we turned off the main road and drove out on a small peninsula, Grådusan.  On this hillside we found a famous old battery, Batterie Dietl, which was one of the largest coastal WWII fortifications.  There were 3 large cannons here to protect Narvik, cannons that had an maximum range of 56 km.  Since it was the off season we could not go into the big bunker here, but we did walk around a little and saw some of the ruins, which look like they are out of a sci-fi movie.

Engloya_2015_024When we finally reached the big sand beach on Bø.  There is a pretty big foot bridge across a small but deep stream which runs between the parking lot and the beach, but when we arrived it wasn’t spanning the stream.  Jesse was on it though and worked to get the bridge back in order!  There was no one else on the big beach, but in summer I’m sure it is bustling.  There was a volleyball net still up, if only we had a ball to play a bit.  We walked a bit on the beach searching for shells and taking pictures.  Jack had a blast racing around in the sand.  He loves running on the beach, such a goof!

But we didn’t spend much time on the beach before it started raining.  So we continued on our tour of Engløya and drove completely around the island back to the house.  We stopped at a Joker for some groceries and they treated Cindy and Steve to some free coffee, such a nice friendly place 🙂

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