Nord Lys on Håkøya

This evening Jesse and I saw some beautiful Northern Lights when we went out of the house for a little bit.  They were so impressive that we quickly collected the camera gear and warm clothing to watch them elsewhere.  The Northern Lights can be very bright and are certainly visible in the city, but out away from all that light pollution is where they really shine and light up the sky all on their own.

We drove to the nearby small island of Håkøya and stopped just across the bridge.  Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a headlamp or flashlight, so it took me a little while to get the camera focused properly.  And during that time the lights danced directly above us in bright yellows and even some pink color.  It was really one of the most impressive displays I have seen.  In some ways you have to just look and appreciate the lights rather than looking down at the camera to get it just right.

I did manage to capture a few pretty good images of the aurora tonight.  We also drove out to the end of the road on Håkøya, which was nicer since we were away from the lights on the bridge and out of the wind.  It was very windy tonight, the kinda wind that almost blows you over on the icy ground, vibrates your tripod just enough to make stuff all fuzzy, and, bites right through some of your warmest gear.  There is much to be appreciated about the dark times here in the Arctic!

Photo Gallery:

2 thoughts on “Nord Lys on Håkøya

  1. Dear Nicole,

    Thank you for going out in the freezing weather and taking these incredible photos of the Northern Lights you and Jesse saw, they really are beautiful. It must have been truly amazing to see them in person! I love getting your blog!

    Happy Belated New Year!


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    1. Thanks Robin!

      Jesse and I hope to take a few more trips to look for the Northern Lights. They are really incredible to see, but I have to say that most of time they are just a very faint green blur across the sky. On a few occasions they light up the entire sky and dance before your eyes. Hopefully I can capture some of those great moments, we’ll see how lucky we are 🙂

      Happy New Year’s to you as well. I hope it’s been a great start to 2016!


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