Road Trip: Ryfylke & Jæren

After a long and fulfilling hike to Trolltunga, Jesse and I found a place nearby to camp for the night just south of Odda.  In the morning we started a long and busy day continuing our road trip.

Latefossen_2016_003Our first stop wasn’t far at all.  We were driving still in the Hardanger area and in fact we chose our camping spot to be close to the popular Låtefossen waterfalls.  It is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit, this could be because it is incredible accessible, as the main road crosses a lovely stone bridge just below the falls.  Latefossen_2016_005We were at Låtefossen for a while, it was an overcast morning, so the lighting was perfect for some experimenting with long exposures, and we brought a tripod just for streams and waterfalls.  I was able to get a few shots that I’m pretty proud of.  We even took a family portrait under the 165 m falls.  The falls were impressive, but I think they would be even more spectacular in spring with all the snow melt.  Latefossen_2016_009But just walking distance down the road was another waterfall, Espelandsfossen, a 75 m tall fan of water.  There is a road that you can drive to the top of the Låtefossen falls and up to the source, Reinsnosvatnet.

RoadToKristiansund_2016_003Just before we descended to Håra, Jesse and I turned onto Saudavegen (520) which is the overland part of the Ryfylke National Tourist Route.  This mountain road was originally built as a short route for transit for mining.  Now the route is mostly deserted, but a beautiful excursion.  The road passed many mountain lakes including Svartavatnet surrounded by scenic rocky landscapes.

RoadToKristiansund_2016_008At the bottom of the pass we drove through the small town of Sauda.  Just past the town was another waterfall, Svandalsfossen.  This waterfall required some stairs though, and they were quite steep!  Jesse scouted it out and tried to yell above the sound of all the rushing water that it was worth the hike.  We even had some blackberries that were ripe next to the trail 🙂

RoadToKristiansund_2016_012We made minimal stops until the trailhead to Preikestolen since we wanted to make sure to have enough time for the hike.  But we did have to take a photo of another engineering marvel a modern bridge-tunnel fusion.

After the hike to Preikestolen, the plan was to see Stavanger, but again we didn’t have enough time to do everything.  So we decided Stavanger would be an easy place to visit someday in the future.  We took a very large ferry from Oanes to Lauvvik and drove to the beginning of the most southern National Tourist Route, Jæren.  RoadToKristiansund_2016_022It was already getting dark, but we were glad we could see what we did of this very different landscape.  This area of Norway was very flat.  There are many large farms with hay, livestock and even greenhouses.  Many of the fields looked like they have been there for generations, there were numerous stone walls, some in use and some broken and forgotten.  The coast was endless, but there were many ships headed in every direction that we could see.

In the dark and after a very long day we arrived near Kristiansand, a large city at the very southern end of Norway.  We found a quiet place to setup camp and sleep for a few hours before our sail to Denmark the next day.

Photo Gallery:

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